Achievements To Date

So far MenKen has implemented the following two project which have been 3 year projects since 2012. UNTF Project: Engaging men to strength the implementation of GBV laws and policies and promote gender equality in Kenya SIDA Project-To scale up work to engage men and boys in reducing gender based violence and sexual exploitation, preventing HIV and promoting gender equality. Since inception and in the above projects MenKen has achived the following in summary;

• Orientation of the Journalists on the importance of Engaging men and boys in Gender, SRH, prevention of GBV/HIV and gender transformative reporting.
• Building capacity of various organizations including developing training manuals for some of them such as NACC,PEACE CORPS, ACORD,IRC,CHF International through HOPE Program, CISP on Gender mainstreaming in response to HIV prevention, engaging men in GBV and HIV prevention and policy advocacy.
• Participated in various policy development and advocacy such as in the development of the National Framework towards Response and Prevention of GBV in Kenya, Kenya Policy reports: Engaging men in HIV and GBV prevention, SRHR promotion and parenting and has continued engaging in policy advocacy in the GBV policy, Marriage Act, Domestic Violence Bill.
• Partnerships with other organizations and participated in joint activities such as the Africa Unite Launch& walk, A million Father’s Campaign, HIV debates in universities, National HIV and GBV summits, UNWOMEN, Africa Unite Kenya Chapter, March for Justice for GBV survivors9Justice for Liz).
• Held various media engagements, such as articles on our activities in the newspapers and live interviews e.g. with KBC Tv. EBRU TV and various press conferences in partnership with other organizations
• Have been identified as respondents for various researches and have also conducted research such as ,conducted a baseline survey on GBV and HIV/AIDS in Nyanza and Western Provinces and a Political Mapping on support for GBV legislation
• Promoted the Men Care campaign in previous father’s days and in all gatherings where men are involved. This is a campaign seeking to engage fathers in care giving.
• Recruited 50 community change agents in Kisumu and Kakamega counties to be involved in social change and community mobilization. A manual was developed for them’ Mobilizing the community in prevention of GBV and HIV and AIDS. These have also been trained on gender transformation and community mobilization.
• Oriented various communities and cultural leaders such as Maasai Elders, Bukusu elders, Luo council of elders amongst others on the need of engaging men and boys in GBV/HIV prevention. Care giving and healthy living
• Developed a comprehensive strategic plan for 2014-2016
• Participated and held various consultative meetings Internationally, regionally and National such as CSW 57,UNFPA regional meetings with MenEngage Africa, the National Gender and Equality Commission meetings, meetings with the line ministry,