About Us

The MenEngage Kenya Network (MenKen) is a national network comprising organizations and individuals with interest in engaging men and boys in Gender Based Violence, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health. MENKEN was formed at the end of the Dar ES Salaam MenEngage Consultative workshop in 2006 with the secretariat initially hosted at EngenderHealth and currently at MMAAK offices at Metropolitan Hospital, Nairobi. The network works closely with government of Kenya and operates as an alliance of organizations and individuals under the registration of the MenEngage Global Alliance.

MenKen is affiliated to MenEngage Africa Network and MenEngage Global Alliance. MenEngage Global Alliance is global alliance of organizations and institutions working together to reduce gender inequalities and promote the health and the well-being of women, men, and children. The Alliance focuses on building increased commitment and capacity to implement and document effective interventions with boys and men, and to take the issue into the public sector and influence policy to achieve those ends. The Alliance includes several major international organizations, as well as local and national groups with extensive experience in engaging men and boys in gender equality and reducing violence.