Men Engage Kenya Network

Boys and Men for gender Equality

Men Engage Kenya Network Vision

A Kenyan society free of all forms of gender inequalities

MenEngage Kenya Network


The MenEngage Kenya Network (MenKen) is a national network comprising organisations and individuals with interest in engaging men and boys in Gender Based Violence, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health. MENKEN  was formed at the end of the Dar ES Saalam MenEngage Consultative workshop in 2006 with the secretariat initially hosted at the EngenderHealth.  

What we do


Creating a platform for information sharing and learning to reduce impact for Gender-based violence, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and increase Positive Fatherhood


Advocating for gender equity and equality at all levels by engaging men and boys


Building the capacity of organisations, individuals and networks nationally, regionally and globally in engaging boys and men


MENKEN seeks to contribute to GBV (Gender-Based Violence) and HIV/aids prevention and promotion of sexual reproductive health promotion and positive fatherhood. The organisation also builds the capacity of others nationally and regionally on engaging men and boys

What we believe


A Kenyan society free of all forms of gender inequalities.


To increase the participation of men and boys in eliminating Gender-based violence, promoting Sexual and Reproductive health, positive fatherhood and well-being of men, women and children in the society

Core Values

· Transparency Teamwork and commitment · Professionalism and integrity .Fairness and equality